Philae Shriners Lottery Calendar

What is the Calendar lottery?
The Calendar lottery is an annual fundraiser for Philae Shriners, sales of which occur in the fall and early winter.  The funds are all retained in Nova Scotia and PEI and used by the local Shrine Clubs and Shriners in Nova Scotia and PEI.  Each calendar costs $25.00 but each day of the calendar is a lottery ticket.

There is a prize drawn for every day of the year.  There are 312 regular draws of $25.00, 3 draws of $1000.00, and 50 Sunday draws of $100.00.

The calendar makes a great Christmas gift as everyone needs a calendar and this one
just might pay the recipient, or the purchaser if you keep the calendar, a thousand dollars.  Contact a Shriner, your local Shrine club or Philae Shriners on Connelly street to get yours.

If you do not have a Lottery Calendar for the current year, and wish to purchase one, please call (902)454-7811 for purchasing information.