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Created by philae

NS Firefighters Burn Camp Exit 27 off the 104
Nobles, just a note to update you on the plan for Philae’s visit to the NS Firefighters Burn Camp “Camp Connect” on Thursday August 17th.
As in the past, you can meet up in the parking lot of the Salvation Army’s “Scotia Glen” Camp at about 11:30am. The Camp is off of TC Highway 104 Exit 27. If you come from Halifax, take the roundabout exit that takes you across the overpass and then take the School Rd exit on the 2nd roundabout. If coming from the Causeway, take the same Exit 27 but you only need to take the School Rd exit on the roundabout. Once on School Road the camp entrance is on the left about 1/2km on school Rd.
I have Bill Bonner, Beeper, Harold & Marilyn Farrow, Ill Sir Mike Schmid and his Lady, Kevin Kirkbride, Ray Simmons & Lady and Sandy Buchan and Lady attending and I have advised Dave Collier of the NSFF that between 15 and 20 will be attending for lunch.
I have also sent this email to others who have attended in the past – Jim Mitchell and a couple others (Bert Thompson, Jim Woodley & John Minnikin)  that may be heading to PEI that weekend. If you are you are welcome to attend but please let me know so I can get the numbers to the Camp for lunch. I am also sending it to the Lady driving the Jolly Trolley as I believe that it is on its way to the Island for the parade.
The Halifax SC will be presenting a monetary gift as well as some treats for the kids and I am sure that Bill Bonner or Ill Sir Schmid will handle that.
Have fun.
Ken Conrod