Potentate 2017

Our Potentate this year, Illustrious Sir Mike Schmid has been involved in Masonry for over 25 years and a Shriner for 20 years. Mike is a York Rite Mason, President of the Widows Sons Temple Guard, Past Master of Bedford Lodge, past High Priest of George S Wright Chapter of Royal Arch Masons and has served as an officer of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons as well as the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia. Finally, he has served as a leader in other bodies related to the fraternity of Shriners International.

Mike has been self employed for many years in various Business’s and is a CPA . He enjoys fishing, motorcycles and travel. He has three grown children, Jenny Maggie and Peter, who is also a Shriner, and of course his partner Lady Michelle.

Mike believes in our fraternity and is dedicated to raising the profile of Shriners International and promoting growth in our membership.

Email:  potentate@philae-shriners.com