The Halifax Shrine Club was the first club formed and this group met in the Masonic Temple in small quarters in the basement. From there the clubs have grown considerably, and now there are 13 Clubs which network the Provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

During the early years the recorders office was maintained in the Masonic Temple in Halifax until on June 9,1956 Ill Sir Roy Bowman P.P. presiding, Philae Temple dedicated its first Mosque on Collage Street in Halifax in the former Maritime Business Collage. In 1975 the building was sold and in June 1976 the Temple moved to 6080 Young Street, Halifax where it remained for 5 years, after which it then moved to 276 Bedford Highway to a store- front location in a small shopping plaza. There it remained for approximately one year, holding its general meeting in St. Peters Anglican Church in Birch Cove. In 1983 Philae Temple purchased the former Don Schelew Drycleaning Plant located at 3530 Connolly Street. The Nobility undertook the challenge of rebuilding and tailoring it to the needs of the temple and has been the home of its activities to this date.

Fund raising has been a major force within the temple and has changed face many times. During the 60’s and the 70’s we hosted the Canadian Opera Company, Russia’s Moiseyev Dance Company, The Don Cossack Choir. In 1968 we undertook the sponsorship of our first Shrine