Philae Temple has historically taken part in celebrations of the city of Halifax, in 1949 participating in its bi-Centennial program.Ill. Sir Gordon S.Kinley the ruling Potentate of this year was also the Mayor of the city of Halifax. Membership at that time was about 400.

1951 saw the formation of the Oriental Band , which band has had a long and celebrated history and remains active today. Units continued to be formed, the senior Unit being the Arab Patrol. Added was the Drum Corp., Flag units, Temple Band, Small car units, Scooter Patrol, Jolly Trolly, Clown Unit, Keystone Kops, Pipes and Drums, Directors Staff and Cabiri (past Potentates). Many of the clubs have Motorized units including a new “Facts and Figures unit. These units add color to our parades and project the fun side of our philanthropic work, which accounts for the fact that for 76 years without interuption, Shriners have been able to maintain and completely support our Hospitals.

It has been the practice of the units to take part in as many parades throughout the Province as is possible, and for many years they have been key participants in the Apple Blossom parade in Kentville. In 1994 the clown unit brought with it the full Clown A Rama. This is the first time In the history of the Clown A Rama that they have ever taken part jointly in a public parade.